Saturday, October 30, 2010

God bless you!

Yesterday when I went to sleep after watching a blissful movie "The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith", I felt peace and bliss... I felt so good at my heart and soul. Yesterday I also prayed and as my readers might know my life has been so much worries and struggles and it still is on this day. But suddenly... yesterday when I prayed I felt at my heart similar answers from God as 4 years ago when I chose Christ. The answer was:" You'll find peace soon, I'll lighten your burden." And then I cast another prayer, a grateful, happy one. But then in the morning that I woke up I felt like I just want to sleep and run away my worries in my dreams. I anyway got up and started my chores and I ended up doing a small good deed that put a smile on my face. And it wasn't long after that when I heard from radio Each Tear by one of my favourite r&b singers, Mary J. Blige. It's long time I haven't heard that song but when I heard it, peace that I reached yesterday evening returned to my heart and I started feeling bliss. I've been smiling from the inside since. I decided to upload Mary's newest music video for Each Tear sung with Jay Sean this year and it's available for watching below this post. I'm sure it's more than suitable to my today's subject and to my all Diary of Spiritual Growing, because the lyrics are about spiritual growing but also about self-esteem which is one of my blog labels. So enjoy and let this soft music bring you strength and belief through struggles if also you're facing them :).

Anyway, after realizing my bliss I thought what picture would describe my experience the best and I ended up chosing this oil originally painted by Paula Vaughan. I even thought what of my own writings from my upcoming poem and song book "The Rainbow of Tones" would describe my feelings the best. I chose "Blessed" from gospel/spiritual writings and I'll now present it for you:



is my feeling

in prayer's powerful healing

I felt it in depths of my heart

How Holy Ghost took all my body

It made me cry for joy

because God truly hears my voice

I'm one of Father's sheep, His choice

I'm blessed by forgiving love

that God sent me from heaven above

I feel myself so pure

Mercy made wounds of my heart cure

and I may rejoice as a child of light

My being is reborn in harmony and delight

'Cause my life has turned into bliss

My dreams are sealed by angel's kiss

God made my life

a sunshine

I'll be a mother and a wife

and all my being is smiling for feeling so fine

Christ, I met you in bread and wine

After all the struggle I've been through

I realize they were a blessing that led me closer to You

Oh, God I crossed my hands for everything true

And I found the greatest love of all

that will never let me break and fall

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