Friday, October 29, 2010

The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith (2009)

I'll continue my "surprise series" once again by reviewing the newest Bible movie made in Hollywood. This movie is one of those adaptations wonderfully loyal to the original story told in the Bible. Directed by Stephen Patrick Walker he has managed to capture this story about tolerance, acceptance and being a refugee in a realistic way, being loyal to the circumstances of Antique. Themes of Ruth's story are always current today, because immigrants and refugees from Asia, Africa, Middle East and even Latin America have travelled to our countries with hope of having a new, better life... just like Ruth and Naomi wander from Moab's land back to Betlehem. They follow God's call to return home. There's a lot we can learn from Ruth's story and as I said many times before I've found anti-racism message from the Bible and the whole Book of Ruth is one of the best examples. The way Boas lets Ruth pick grain longer than his own workers, even to exceed her own need is maybe the most beautiful example of showing love and care for an immigrant.

The narrator of this movie of one and half hour is an old man (son of Ruth and Boas) who wants to tell a story of faith to a young boy and it makes the plot go easily. The movie is visually beautiful and like usually in the Bible movies the main characters are shown devoted and deep. The movie is emotional... there's time of tears, exorbitant sorrow and despair... even time of dishonesty and piety. But there's also time of encouragement, righteousness and bliss (and joking) and just like we've learned from the Bible: there's nothing stronger than love and it's deep and strong in this movie. I couldn't have chosen the actors and actresses better, because they're all brilliant and suit perfectly to their roles. They're depicted believably and they're modest and down-to-earth. The movie is so touching... I have experienced the same stages of faith in my journey of becoming Christian: first I had so much unbelief in my despair but after all my tears and losses God has promised to give me it all back as tenfold; the more we must suffer and have sorrow the more God has reserved bliss to our lives and it's one of the most important teachings of this movie. The way God answered to Naomi's devoted prayers after hard times, I've experienced the same hope in my life and realized that God is the best healer of broken heart. Touching piano composition of this movie has managed to capture the emotions of this movie in its soul. Orchestra is peaceful and restrained, not bombastic.

My final grade: A well-earned 10. One of my favourite Bible movies: this could become a classic.


  1. Ruth was important to my Jewish people, she was an example of woman to convert to Judaism.
    We women, trying to follow her example until today to be good wives and good companions for the family of our husbands.

    It's a beautiful story.

  2. I like the book to
    and I admire you for following your heart and telling people what you believe in.
    there are thousand if not millions of Christians out there who cant even say the world lord or bible in public...
    nice one keep it up and I'll follow you!