Sunday, October 31, 2010

Without joy heart weighs a 100 kilos

May I share my "mini essay" on joy that I wrote for school today. I thought it suits perfectly for my blog. Now that winter is coming and we're between October and November at least here in the Northern side of the globe darkness arrives sooner and nature is less beautiful. For me personally winter is the most melancholic time of the year (but Christmas makes a difference) so it's time to look back for summer's memories. Anyway, let's have a look at my essay:

Joy. Where to find it? Does it come to our hearts like an unpredictable, playful cherub? Or does it grow little by little inside us like a balloon? But a balloon is easy to pierce and when the cold spike of sorrow and worries strikes, it strikes very hard. I know this myself, because I've had lately stress about money and success. About money and success...

That sounds very... businesswoman-like. As if our modern life was the exchange of Wall Street and our luck and joy were the market value varying at each time. Our life is a share. When our share shows plus our life is the Eden itself. In that case we have Joy in our hands: mammon. And why do we have it? Because we have success. How about when we have a long minus in front of our share? Then we don't have Joy and our hearts weigh 100 kilos. Yay, recession took our lives! Misfortune took our homes, our things, everything.

A little devil won the cherub: joy is now sorrow.

My first thought was:" Oh man, this is ridiculous! So funny." So joy exists anyway. Joy is goodness, joy is the cherub. It's not worldly but heavenly. It's not superficial but deep. The cherub lives in music, in good deeds... and in baby's giggle.

Have you found your cherub yet? Where does he/she lives? :)


  1. 'the joy of the Lord is my strength' is what i tell myself during sad times.. joy is like a cushion to lifes problems without it one is bogged down..nice post..

  2. Carrie @

    Hi Sister Mary! I like ur post on joy. It is hard to remain joyful when worry sneaks in. But ultimately if we keep our thoughts on Jesus, rather than circumstances, our joy will flourish. I am excited for your upcoming song/poetry publication!! Great job!

  3. i believe that the atmosphere of joy is the breeding ground for miracles...nice post...

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  6. As I was practicing the last of our 18-day challenge meditations this morning, I realized that I am the "difficult person" that I live with on an even more intimate level than the "difficult person" I always think of whom I see at work most days of the week! I have always heard that difficult people are a mirror for what one finds unacceptable in oneself, but this time I really saw it! I also saw that the "I" who was witnessing this unruly child in Meditation Blogsme could send her lovingkindness thoughts as a loving parent might embrace and comfort a child. That "I" who was witnessing all this is bigger, more spacious, kinder, gentler than that "child". I AM the guide and the abandoned child who seeks to be loved, and find a home, safe in the arms of something bigger, and I am the "something bigger". This is a real breakthrough for me! Thank you!