Sunday, October 10, 2010

What weighs on God's scale?

Here on Earth people are setting lots of expectations on you. They're trying to tell you who you're supposed to be. Media does it well but I have to say how stunned I am when I get such criticizing from friends who I thought were my friends. But it's sad though, because I have to admit those friends were from another culture. One of those friends would have appreciated me more if I was a muslim and another if I was a boy. And the same friend in question actually judged the worth of my unborn child...! I AM NOT TELLING THEIR NATIONALITIES, BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP ANY PREJUDICE TOWARDS THEIR ETHNICITY. Besides I'm engaged with a man from different culture. Really, he hasn't met him or her and neither have I. What right he has to be my judge? I'm even more stunned about this friend's judgement because he's a Christian as well and he even gave reason to judging my child's gender on God's wish! But I'm still friends with his sister and I'm a member of the Red Cross so there's no use of calling me a racist. Besides I have noted before and I'll show even in this post how I found anti-racism message in the Bible. God made Adam before Eve BUT I'm sure both men and women are equal images of God. I could take also another example which is Africa's black theology: they say regardless our colour and ethnic background we're all equal images of God; so black Adam isn't worse than the white one.

The only King and the only Righteous Judge in my life is Jesus Christ. So when I hear such hard judgements from the mortal I must proportion them in the right ankle and ask instead: What truly weighs in the God's scale? Does God truly care about my body's shape and my outer appearance, my outer glamour I would say? In the Bible it says 'God created human as his image' so God doesn't love woman any less. I would actually ask my ex-friend a reasonable question:" Then why God created woman too if He hates her? Why he didn't create only Adam?" Really, it doesn't make any sense. If he had created only Adam, me and you dear reader - we wouldn't even exist, because he would have been the only human to ever live. But I'm sure if our Creator had hated woman He wouldn't have even made her.

And I know someone would argue to me:" But Eve picked and ate the Forbidden Fruit after listening to Satan." But I would argue back:" Yeah but you must think deeper about three book religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The traditional belief of Original Sin doesn't favour man any more than woman: in all these traditions Adam eats the Fruit as well. In Judao-Christian tradition Adam bites the Fruit given by Eve BUT in Islamic tradition the picker of the fruit is Adam and he inflicts Eve to sin. In my mind the ultimate truth must be the equality of man and woman because leaning on these traditions we can't prove the superiority of man. I think it would make the situation all different if Adam would have declined eating the Fruit and let Eve eat it by herself. That would have turned the order of the Universe upside down."

I have found also more proof on God's love for woman: Virgin Mary is the key, because God chose her to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Lore tells that she was a young modest girl from the less important family branch of David. Jesus Christ showed much love for women in his action: He healed Peter's mother-in-law, He turned a dead girl alive, He healed a bleeding woman... And He even showed love for a foreign woman from Canaan (or from Phoenicia or from both?) as he healed her daughter by thought's power. As I said in my past post "Solomon and the Queen of Sheba" there's also anti-racism message in the action of Jesus and this deed was an example. There are even more examples how He showed love and respect for woman in His action: One Pharisee invited Jesus to dine at his home and a sinner woman arrived there too as she knew Jesus was there. She had a alabaster bottle with her filled with scent oil and she settled behind Jesus to his feet and cried and His feet got wet from her tears. She wiped them with her hair, kissed them and anointed them with scent oil. Pharisee despised acceptance of Jesus but Jesus knew what was on his mind and He told a parable for the good of sinner woman. Pharisee hadn't given water for Jesus to wash His feet, or kissed Him or anointed His head with oil but this sinner woman did it all all tenfoldly and got forgiveness of sin. (Luke 7:36-50) Besides chapter 8 of Luke begins with a description about women following and helping Jesus.

In this same context I also want to note Christ's love for children: he said that the childish are the greatest in heaven's kingdom. He didn't say boys are the greatest but he said that children are equally greatest in there. He blessed children, girls and boys. And I'm sure there's something that my ex-friend doesn't know: The fact is that after the crucifixion of Jesus there happened a change of mind in Rome for the good of unwanted children; People started to take care of those children abandoned on the street AND they started killing and abandoning less girl babies. And according to what I know about Antique's Rome the girls and children born disable were unwanted. So for my ex-friend: If God favours only certain people, why this change of mind occured after death of Jesus? Because God doesn't care are we men or women, because He created both and Christianity is about respecting life and loving people around you. Christianity is about equality and because Western countries are based on Christianity men and women are equal - we women are free to be and do whatever we want and we have all the same possibilities like men. So is it right following of Christ when you put yourself higher and despise the others? Christ has said himself:" Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." (Matt. 23:12) My one last argument speaking for this subject is that Jesus also taught to not to judge people as "the way you judge, you shall be judged and the way you measure, you shall be measured as well."

So now I shall finish my argumentation on answering in brief to my headline question: What weighs on God's scale? The key word is LOVE. Loving everybody around you, doing good for those you hate. Jesus is especially close for the groups that are most vulnerable, the most weak. God cares about the HEART, He doesn't care about such earthly things as gender (body's shape) or money. Success doesn't mean for Him a thing. He cares about your spirit and your good thoughts, beautiful words and deeds. But still all you need to do is believe.

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