Monday, August 16, 2010

Declaration of self-respect

Dear readers. Today I will talk about a subject which is on the media all the time (especially in womens magazines) but I think that there can never be enough encouragement for self-respect for women in this world as everybody knows how poor and inequal status our sisters are in developing countries in and how media drags womens healthy self-esteem with surreal demands on beauty and pressure for sexiness. I am not saying that it is turning down everyone but unfortunately it still has effect - But also thank God for those strong women who already know who they are and will not be turned down so easily and so can stop reading this post right now if willing. But for those insecure, fragile sisters over there who are still searching for themselves, I dedicate this post and I hope this will help you to love yourself the way you are and will encourage you to not to give in. I am with you, because in the name of honesty I have to admit that I am one of those sisters myself and this post is as much for you as this is for myself. The next that I will write I would teach also for my own daughter and God bless one day soon I really will.


Look back to my post Wisdom behind beauty and creation where I remind how you are precious piece of art made by God to His image. No matter about your genes - if you have red hair, black hair, blonde hair, brunette, curly or straight, long or short or bold, blue or even green - or blue, brown, gray, black or even green eyes with or without glasses - God loves you the same and I think that from celebrities Anastacia is a great example of how you can be cool and beautiful even with glasses. Or whether your skin was white, red, yellow, chocolate or black or even if you had piercings or tattoos or freckles - God loves you. Child, youngster, adult or senior, healthy, sick or disable. Tall or short, slim or chubby, trendy or not - for God you are always unique and beautiful the way you are, you are sheep of the Good Shepherd and child of Heavenly Father. God lives deep inside your soul and heart as His Spirit. Your body is His temple and He has known every bit of your heart, soul and body even when you still were inside your mothers womb. He even knew your name before He let your parents realize it. You are a beautiful girl but God wants you to use your beauty right, to respect your body. I am not actually forbidding you but I am just asking you to think twice before having sex before marriage or admiring modelling. Why should you envy models or want to be like them. Showing your body and surface for the world can be one kind of self-respect but it depends how you do it. Even modelling can be good if you do not take nude or porn photoshoots - even underwear and swimming-suit models are a bit cheap. God likes it the best when you justly keep your clothes on. And no matter if you follow fashion or not, because God cares only about fashion of your heart. For more encouragement about this subject I recommend listening to soul sisters Mary J Blige and Mandisas soul and rnb.


Kindness is beautiful and Jesus appreciates it, but I am sure that he does not want you to suffer from it, to be kind until martyrdom despite he did it himself. Once again if you are a strong woman reading this post you probably fulfill this characteristic already. So with keeping up strong will it is easy to begin with saying no, no, NO. I mean if you are too kind you easily forget your own will and because you do not want to hurt your fellowmans feelings you say yes to almost everything he or she asks you. So you please your friend rather than yourself and I am telling you that will not do for long! It can get humiliating you know. So if your conscience says that something is wrong or just does not feel good say it. You do not have to do anything that does not feel like yourself whether it is wearing certain clothes, smoking, drinking, overdone generosity, beginning sexual intercourse etc. You know the best who you want to be, you know your worldview, moral and values so just keep on the good spirit! No one is higher than you nor below you so you have right to say and represent whatever you want. Remember, whoever tries to influence you or control you on Earth, is powerless. Firstly, your true boss is your heart and also your sense, secondly your only true Master and Commander is God. I believe that when you follow these two you are walking on a safe path and you cannot do wrong. And I also want to add to strong will fighting for your dreams - when you really, really want something but you fail first time achieving that goal do not give in but try again until you reach it.


You're human not an angel. Only angels are in state of perfect bliss feeling only joy. So don't feel ashamed or sorry about your tears and anger, they purify your heart and lighten your burden. Besides, by every tear you're closer to God and closer to Jesus Christ as he can heal the broken heart. If you're sometimes angry let it out, because God is forgiving and He created you to be like this. When we ate the Forbidden Fruit we weren't in angelic state anymore but the moment we ate the first bite God gave us this various range of human feelings. Even though anger hurts for a while, in anger there lies your sense of justice. You get angry if someone mistreats you and the others. Jesus accepts your anger, because He followed the paths of justice: Just remember how he became angry when Lord's temple was full of merchants and bankers. "You make a cave of robbers of Lord's temple!" and he overturned the booths and drove off the merchants. That was righteous anger and your anger can be righteous as well if you use it right. I mean God of course doesn't accept such extreme manifestations of anger such as violence in all its forms.

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